5 Interesting Tricks to Optimize your Instagram Business Profile

On your Instagram Business Profile, you only have limited space to grab someone’s attention, and we should make great use of it, so here are 5 tricks to optimize your profile.

Make sure your profile represents your brand perfectly, your profile and bio symbolizes your company’s personality and is an introduction to what you’re all about.

Your profile image should be your main attraction

Putting up your logo as your profile is the most consistent way to keep your branding stable, and is a popular method for all Business Profiles. You can also use your product as a profile image, just make sure it’s properly fitted. Your profile should be properly sized to fit perfectly and look professional.

Use your bio space wisely

Your bio says the most about your business and that’s why you need to write a solid bio for visitors to know exactly who you are.

  • Put in a short biography of what you’re promoting and selling.
  • You can also use your company slogan.
  • Tell them what you want them to do (Subscribe; Go to my online store; To find out more click on the link below; etc.).
  • You can use a branded Hashtag, so in order for your visitors to be featured on your page, they have to use the branded Hashtag.

Going for shorter and simplified bio’s

If you’re going for a shorter and a more simplified bio it will focus more on your images and branding. When using this method, your images and branding should be your main focus. Now to make this efficient and attractive to your profile you can:

  • use your slogan which says a lot in one sentence.
  • say how long it has been in business.
  • use just your branded Hashtags.
  • use a quote which refers to what you’re selling.

Anyone of these methods will work.

Think ‘link’

Your link should take them where they want to go, if you want them to go to your online store, it should take them there. Giving them some context in your bio so that they know what to expect is perfect (click to shop, etc.). Links can get too long and will look bad for public display, so shorten your links, you can use a link in its place. To add more than one link visit Linktree.

Creating a personality

Make sure that the product you share is visually interesting and that you stick to a theme, bright colours, black & white, vintage, modern, whatever it is. Some Posts don’t properly fit and look like someone just took a photo and Posted it. You don’t want that, so cropping and editing are very important.

Making your product stand out in your profile is vital for promoting. Having a brand ambassador to promote your products can be helpful.

Now get going optimizing your Business Profile!